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Managing Director & Angel Investor

As a young member of the Indian Angel Network with a keen understanding of early-stage startups, he founded The Design Fusion to address market gaps, offering AI software to web development services. Additionally, he provides hands-on support to startups, aiding in pitch deck creation and technology comprehension for business success.

Solutions, Technology and Business Strategist

Specialise in consulting on and managing the complete business cycle, starting from identifying productivity gaps to meticulously designing, implementing, and analysing the results and impact of our services. He has 15+ years of technology and business strategy experience.

Marketing, Technology & Entrepreneur

Rishabh is the Founder & CEO of Sector 6 Group and LOCAD Pte. Ltd. and is on the board of several global and Indian companies. He is also an active member of the Indian Angel Network (IAN) has over 40+ portfolio companies and has 10+ years of marketing and technology experience.

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Jivesh Dhawan

Founder @Design Fusion , Angel Investor / Entrepreneur

Meet the dynamic entrepreneur behind, a revolutionary graphic design and web development agency. This visionary individual has successfully established a cost-effective alternative for startups in the realms of web development and graphic design, all while upholding an exceptional standard of output.

With a proven track record of collaborating with listed companies and strategically investing in diverse startup ventures, he brings a profound understanding of early-stage entrepreneurial endeavours.

As the founder of, this entrepreneur has positioned the agency as a game-changer in the industry by offering creative design and development services, enabling clients to access high-quality design and web development solutions at affordable rates. The commitment to delivering value has resonated well with clients, making a preferred choice in the competitive market.

He Possesses a rich professional background, this individual has engaged in fruitful collaborations with esteemed listed companies and international clientele hailing from the UK, India, and Kenya.

Diversified Investment Portfolio:

Beyond the realm of, this entrepreneur has demonstrated a keen interest in fostering innovation across various industries. The investment portfolio includes ventures spanning diverse sectors:

  1. Yelloskye (Drone Technology): This strategic investment in Yelloskye reflects a forward-thinking approach, tapping into the burgeoning drone technology sector. Drones are increasingly becoming integral to various industries, and this investment positions the entrepreneur at the forefront of innovation in this space.

  2. Manastu (Space Technology): The entrepreneur’s foray into space technology with the investment in Manastu underscores a commitment to supporting cutting-edge advancements. 

  3. Samosa Singh (QSR – Food): In the quick-service restaurant (QSR) sector, the investment in Samosa Singh highlights a strategic interest in the food industry. 

  4. GameEon (Gaming Industry): Acknowledging the booming gaming industry, the entrepreneur’s investment in GameEon showcases an awareness of the entertainment sector’s evolving landscape. 

  5. AltUni (Ed Tech): Recognizing the transformative power of education technology, the investment in AltUni signifies a commitment to fostering innovation in the education sector. 

Cryptocurrency Arbitrage and Algorithmic Software:

In addition to traditional investments, this entrepreneur has displayed a savvy understanding of the digital financial landscape. Since 2017, they have actively engaged in cryptocurrency arbitrage, leveraging algorithmic software to navigate the volatile crypto market. This demonstrates a forward-thinking approach to financial investments and a willingness to explore opportunities in emerging technologies.

Nathan Mathan

Business Strategy, Digital Transformation and ERP Expertise

I am deeply passionate about delivering successful technology driven business solutions and achieving significant cost savings for my clients.

Throughout my career, I’ve had the privilege of collaborating with some of the most renowned household brands spanning various sectors.

My expertise lies in providing strategic guidance for organisations from a software perspective. This proficiency is a result of a combination of academic qualifications in Business Information Systems, a robust corporate background, and leadership training acquired through Vistage—a peer support network for CEOs. 

I specialise in consulting on and managing the complete business cycle, starting from identifying productivity gaps to meticulously designing, implementing, and analysing the results and impact of our services.

One of my key strengths is my substantial investment in client partnerships. I firmly believe that understanding the end user, who is often the client’s client, is paramount. This perspective ensures the best return on investment (ROI) throughout the supply chain, demonstrating my commitment to delivering comprehensive and impactful.

Rishabh Mehta

LOCAD | Sunfuel Electric |E4M OOH Winner 40under40 | E-Mobility | Entrepreneur | Investor | Advisor

Rishabh S Mehta is a serial technopreneur and investor with 25+ years of global business experience across industry sectors namely AdTech, Consumer Tech, Manufacturing, Defence, Retail, Fintech, IoT, Med Tech & Life sciences, Crypto-Blockchain tech, Cleantech – Bio-tech etc.

He has a Masters in Commerce from Delhi University and an MBA from the prestigious French Grande Ecole Nationale des Pont Et Chaussées, Paris and Stanford University, USA (2002-04).

After having lived in Europe for over a decade Rishabh is now back in Delhi. He has several business interests across India, Singapore, Australia, Europe, Middles East, Russia & Central Asia and is an avid investor in technology start-ups. Some key areas of specialization include Scaling up business, Commercialization, International Trade and Distribution, Global Business Development, New Market Entry, Fund Raise & Syndication etc. He has been instrumental in turning promising scientific ideas into useful products and companies.

Rishabh is the Fonder & CEO of Sector 6 Group and LOCAD Pte. Ltd. and is on the board of several global and Indian companies. He is also an active member of the Indian Angel Network (IAN) and has over 40+ portfolio companies. Rishabh is also deeply passionate about social causes and is actively involved with his family NGO Jaipur foot- BMVSS (the World’s largest private NGO for disabled people).

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